Decrepit EP

by Gravebirth

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CHG 278
Deathcore outfit from Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas, Gravebirth comes from the current hotbed of Slam and Deathcore, following hot on the trails of recent prominent acts from the western PA scene. The heavy hitting deathcore group has been prepping hard for their debut EP and Chugcore debut with their release of 'Decrepit' due out May 2020. With each new single the band gets increasingly aggressive, with window shaking instrumentals and lyrics that tap into the dark complex of the human mind. The viciously versatile act has been lying in wait for quite some time – that all seems to have paid off as they unleash a very dark, vulnerable and relatable record on the world.
Deathcore from Pittsburgh, PA
FFO: Altered Perceptions, Beyond Deviation, The Dialectic, Violent
Jim Majuri - Vocals
Joe Vedro - Lead Guitar
Cody Caravella - Rhythm Guitar
Sam DeCoske - Bass
Brandon Funera - Drums
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released May 15, 2020

Written & Recorded by Joe Vedro & Jim Majuri
Additional Writing by former member Brian Cuprys

Mixed & Mastered by Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings

Artwork by Daniel Danko at Danko Design
Logo by Caelan Stokkermans
Layout by Kyle Crowell at KDogDragon Designs

Printed & Distributed by Chugcore Records


all rights reserved




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Track Name: The Misery Incarnate
I am the incarnate of misery.
I feel I've lost it all, like I'm not human after all.
After all,
See the world through my eyes,
It's a wonder why I haven't already died.

+1 to the mortality rate,
I'll submit to perpetual sleep.
The space between my ears
Is a bad fucking neighborhood.
Welcome to the gates of the Moribund,
This is depravity.

Let me take you through a dark fucking dream.
A nightmare of life through torment,
And everlasting illness of body and mind.
This world is not for the faint of heart,
It's only a matter of time before I finally get to
Leave this earth.

I am the incarnate of misery.
The product of agony, the son of self-hatred,
I am death personified.

4 lonely walls within 7 severed lobes,
A mind that's a mess, and a body worse for wear.
Melancholic, yet complacent in this state,
It's hard to find solace in a beating heart.
Track Name: Virulent Transmissions
Another midnight conversation
With the pipes on the ceiling commences.
An anamnesis of the endless torment I endured,
Whilst heading back in the same direction
Subconciously begging for more.

I tried to embody everything that you revere,
But I just didn't meet the status quo.

And I try to make it look like I'm okay
By spitting virulent words
But these venomous, vile verses
Can only convey so much.

Attempt to rewire my state of mind
As worms breed
In the cavities where blood once flowed.
This is a sonnet of a man-made psychopath.

So here's to everyone I've lost,
Including myself.
Chronically decayed from the inside out.

I dangled from that one strand of hope
That you severed like a knife through a rope.
And this recurring thought process will rape my mind
Till it bleeds from every orifice.
But I'm still breathing,
I'm still retching through corrupted lungs.
And into this abyss,
I will fucking descend.
Track Name: Decrepit
Stare through my eyes, look straight into my mind,
Enter the heart of a tormented man.
This sociopath is living on the edge of a cliff,
Gazing down upon his own earthward spiral.

The man you see is not what once was,
He is now and ever shall be
Suffering without end.

Usurper of all positivity,
I implore you to take control.
Sink me further and further
Into the abyss.

Abolish me from this misery,
I have never felt so decrepit.
I call upon the emperor of despair,
Come drag me back to the depths from which I came.

Abolish me from this misery,
I have never felt so decrepit.
Abolish me from this monolithic misery.

Entrapment inside your own head
Is a living hell that you'll never escape.
Entrapment inside your own head
Is a living hell that you'll never escape.

Oh usurper, I implore you to take control.
This world is a prison, and life is a malignant cancer cell.
We were meant to suffer.

Trapped, and left to die.
I am no longer alive.
Trapped and left to die,
He is now and ever shall be
Meant to suffer.
Track Name: The Human Torture Experiment
Awaken my subject,
Realize your location.
Are you cognizant enough to know what vengeance is?
You have become an experiment
For all to bear witness.

This is a new study of hatred disgorged,
A live broadcast of mortal affliction.
A human torture experiment,
Broadcast to the masses.

Streaming live on this production of gore,
Torn open wide for the world to see what makes you tick
Like the infernal machine that you are.
The world will see for the first time,
The inner workings of a cold-blooded whore.

I've never seen such a cold dead heart
In a living cretin such as yourself.

While I'm at it, I might as well show you how it feels
To have your entrails tied in knots.
Your entrails tied in knots.

The lenses zero in on what was once beloved,
Now a literal shell of a mortal whore.

Welcome to the subliminal slaughterhouse.
You're live, but no longer living.
Welcome to the subliminal slaughterhouse.
Track Name: When Demons Lay Dormant
Drenched in pain
As the rain pours from my scars again.
I'm bottoming out again,
I don't want to feel another second of this.

No one else hears these thoughts I have at night.
No one else hears the voice inside my head.

How fucked in the head
Does someone like me have to be,
To rid myself of this misery
That I've come to know and love?

No human being should feel what I feel,
Hear what I've heard
Or see what I've seen.

Everything's a construct of my diseased mind,
I am alone inside my head.
Trapped and left to die inside my head.

So let my body be a godless church -
Ancient and crumbling, cursed and haunted.
This hollow auditorium of my chest
Is a cathedral of scar tissue.

Oh well, this world then the next one.
Oh well, this world then the next one.
I can't wait for death to bring me life again.
I can't wait for death to bring me life again.

The purpose of human life
Is to suffer until you die,
So may death come on swift wings.
When demons lay dormant,
Death takes human form.

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