Dreadful Eruption From An Unknown World [Re​-​Release]

by Existence Has Failed

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CHG 266
We bring back this classic Deathcore release from 2015 in it's monstorous re-release form for the 5 year anniversary of 'Dreadful Eruption From An Unknown World'. This debut EP from Existence Has Failed dominated the game with it's mix of technical fast-paced Deathcore, combined with uberslow Downtempo-esque breakdowns and chugs brought to life by original guitarist Frankie Cilella (now Instrumentals for Mire Lore). The re-release features an absolute favorite the non-album single "Begotten" as an exclusive bonus track and re-worked artwork with the new EHF logo and slightly altered Cover art. Featuring guest vocals by 3 Deathcore titans Enterprise Earth, Traitors, and Dealey Plaza.
Deathcore/Down-Tempo from West Palm Beach, FL
FFO: God of Nothing, Denihilist, Sever The King, Falsifier
Oscar Ledesma - Vocals
Frankie Cilella - Guitar
Brandon Mizrahi - Guitar
Tyler Dumais - Bass
Brandon Kaminsky - Drums
Existence Has Failed
Facebook: www.facebook.com/existencehasfailed
Bandcamp: www.existencehasfailed.bandcamp.com
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released February 28, 2020

Originally released in February 2015
Re-Released in February 2020 by Chugcore
With Begotten as exclusive bonus track

Mixed & Mastered by Kirkbride Recordings
Additional Guitar Writing by Frankie Cilella

Album Artwork by César Eidrian
Layout Re-Design by Brandon Mizrahi

Printed & Distributed by Chugcore Records


all rights reserved




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Track Name: Intro
No Lyrics
Track Name: Severance of Civilization (ft. Tyler Shelton of Traitors)
How can we live in a world full of such hate & greed?
If we keep this up we will surely not last.
We can't go on living like this.
We've crossed the line between
Humanity & savagery.

With our feral minds
There is no way that we will get out alive.
We've lost our way.

Sodomize the swine.
Kill the pigs.
Slit their throat.
Spill the blood.
With our feral minds,
There is no way that we will get out alive

The sight of blood it seems to fucking arouse them
What the Hell have we become?
There is no law & order.
Corruption has seized us all
Violence is spreading like a mother fucking plague.

The dreadful eruption from an unknown world
Echoes forever in my mind.
Crimson red pools around my bare feet
As I tear out its fucking spine
Choking. Squealing. The fucking swine always dies
Track Name: Ascension (ft. Bryan Long of Dealey Plaza)
Tear out my eyes
For I can still see the truth.
I miss the bliss of ignorance.

My monsters will rise.
My demons will thrive.
On broken hearts & past mistakes.

I know what I'm capable of & the anger's piling up.

He can't help himself.

Crawling his way out.
Emerging from the inside.
He has risen.

Blood on her head.
Blood on her hands.

Death for her serpent's eye that commands.

Heaven & starlight or Hellfire & fear.
The choice is her's the ruins loom near.
Track Name: Ruthless Mutilation
Shut your filthy fucking mouth & wait until I'm done.

Keep talking & I'll slit your throat & I'll rip out your tongue.

Open your esophagus & spew into your lungs.
This is the evil inside me

All your tears & all your pleads are worthless to me now.

Fill your lungs with the water so I can watch you drown
Ruthless mutilation.

Fear me for I am the grim reaper.
I'll leave your body where the world can see

You no longer need a savior.
I'll do the world a fucking favor

I'll get rid of the scum like you.
I'll use your entrails as your fucking noose

I didn't know how far you would go.
& now I know you are the lowest of low.

I didn't know how far you would go.
You should have seen this coming.
Track Name: Human Eradication (ft. Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth)
I feel them watching us.
Their eyes are filled with disgust.
They're all around us & there's no one to trust

We feel them watching us.
Their eyes are filled with disgust

They're all around us & there's no one to trust

Murder the human race.
Mass annihilation is the final phase.

Desolation: the ending stage: A plan set in motion.
Put us out of our misery For good.

Take a look in the mirror.
Do you really deserve to live?

Decades of wait.
We are bound to our fate.
The faces of the imploded.

Our world in ruins. Forever eroded

Some form of outside beings
Are controlling our future.

While you pray to a God who is only plotting against you

Not a single fucking trace & they'll feed us to the pigs

We no longer have the option to defend ourselves.

Dissect the human race

Extinct the world. Begin rebirth.
I feel their eyes on me as I fall back to sleep,

Despite all my premonitions. They're digging into me.
The drill is going in deep

The cuts become forgotten scars.
They drag me out of bed & try to fuck with my head.
I know I'm better off dead.
Relinquish me from within.

I am your torment. I am the creature
Lurking deep beneath your skin.

You gouge out your own eyes.
I invite the flies to lay maggots in your skull.
Track Name: Begotten [Bonus Track]
Ignorance is enlightening.
Vermin seeking intelligence.

Force fed all of your beliefs.
Please let this barrel bring me relief.

Get on your knees & clasp your hands.
Pray to your lamb.
Let your blood shed.

Cover the walls in crimson red.
Tell your God you're better off dead.

Sacrifice your life to your own God.
Preach about free will.
Yet you baptize the infants without a choice

Corrupted cult bathing in sin.
Diluted by your facade of commandments

Pray to your disease mother fucker.

Brainwash the youth with filth.
Lead them a life of bigotry.
Create your army of disciples

& slit the throats of those who don't agree.
You were supposed to deliver us from evil,
Yet you brought it upon them.

Remove yourself from this ministry.
Remove yourself from this life.

Before your brain blows you'll pray to your holy spirit.

With futile attempts to ask for last minute forgiveness.

If God was real he'd look down on you & shrug.

Why the fuck would he save you?

Your blackened soul will lead you straight to Hell.

No sermon left for you to spew.

Pray to your disease mother fucker.
Rot in Hell you putrid sack of meat.

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