I Feel Sick EP

by Counter

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Counter Debut EP Premiere
Noise/Sludge/Doom/Down-Tempo from Jacksonville, FL!
Alex Hordeman - Vocals
Alexander Costachescu - Guitar
Malik Green - Bass
Cameron Skaff - Drums
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CounterFL
Website: www.chugcore.net
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Chugcore Community: www.facebook.com/groups/chugcore
Mixed & Mastered by Alex Hordeman

Artwork by Downpour Design


released November 15, 2016



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Snapped
Tossed out my boundaries, accept that I told you
Carve out the eyes so I can't see your bed
Ruin your body, shit tattoos and substance
Only amounts to the tumor you fed


I don't know anything now
Far past the bottom you fall
When you break your own legs
You deserve to crawl

Fuck what you gave to me

And fuck fifty two
And souvenirs of me and you
You cut the brakes inside my car
So tell me if it got you far
Track Name: Cleanse
You fucking spit in my face after you kicked in my teeth
And pissed on my grave because I never meant a thing
Fake as your friends, wear a hole in your head
But not big enough for your ego to fit

And I don't fucking sleep
Anymore, silence is for sheep
Dug yourself into a hole meant for two
This is a counter
Fuck you

Behind mascara and politics
You aren't shit

I can't believe I let myself think you could ever help
Because after everything, you're just like everybody else

And if you could you'd make me kill myself again
Keep your appearances up, so you can stay under my skin

Track Name: Ungrateful
Picked bone dry from the hand that feeds
You fucking try but at the end of the day, he's not the one who bleeds
Bone dry but the scar's still deep
I will not be a slave, to what kills me

You do not give what you get
You only take and fucking quit
I feel sick
So take the toll on myself
Until the blood gets too thick

Letters to my address
They must've missed the purpose
They're not your friends
You wrote them
You're no ones friend
You let everyone down

Grown tired of the face you're making at me

I think I figured it out

Still here, like a pest when you breathe
And slam the door right in my face when you leave
Fuck off if you think you'll ever change me
Still colder from the day that you became me

Poor, but the right is whats deserved

I'll make your memories wither from my bones
Track Name: Dry Eyes
Shut up
Go get your friends on Tumblr
And back up the lie that you think makes you brave
I can't believe what you would fucking say
After I saw the light go dark in her eyes, when she told me she was raped

And I can't even talk about my problems
Because someone who never had them used attention to solve em

Your story's fucking old

Your evil triumphs mine?
Your invention of a story; that was someones life
Your evil triumphs mine?
Your invention, just a story, just a fucking lie