Life Is A Nightmare EP

by Mensis

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CHG 134
Mensis premiere their debut EP "Life Is A Nightmare" exclusively through Chugcore!
Hardcore/Beatdown from San Jose, California
Muffin - Vocals
Cornflakes - Guitar
Eggie - Bass
Cereal - Drums

Artwork by Michael of Mensis

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Connor Haines of Corruption Recordings
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Chugcore Community:


released July 14, 2017


all rights reserved




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Track Name: Judas Cradle
I've got eyes around my skull
And splinters in my brain
Never wake me from this dream I'll forget everything

Deep into this nightmares grip I slip

My head is filled with thoughts of peeling from the inside
Forehead first on a Judas cradle
Am I still asleep or going blind
Tear me in two let me feel something real

Grind my teeth while I'm asleep
Because I'm petrified with fear
If Hell exists inside my dreams
Life is a nightmare
Track Name: Hang the Frat Boy
You and all your friends are pathetic drunks
Addicted to acceptance, and being fucked up
abuse is the life you choose
Fuck college culture and fuck you too

You watch your friends die, to you it's no loss
They all deserve it, they knew the cost
I hope your choke on your vomit you frat boy fuck
They're all nice guys til they get what they want
Do me a favor and next time you're drunk
Jump in your car and play chicken with semi trucks

Drink yourself into a fucking coma
Bottoms up

And fuck everyone that stood by while you played your games
How can you say you love someone and then blame them for their pain
You've been abused by the same disgusting system
You heard a cry for help and decided not to listen

Death to those who manipulate
The toxic atmosphere that you create
Hang the fratboy leave him to rot
An inch above the ground for every shot

I hope your closest friends stay addicted to dead ends
I hope you Fucking black out and never wake up again
Fuck your substances fuck your abuse
Fuck college culture and fuck you too
Track Name: Try-Hard (feat. Low Roads)
Puff your chest up
Hold your head high
Cover insecurity with white lies
Follow trends, like what everybody else likes
Put us all below you and your "pure life"

Tryhard. Coward.

Use your platform to mock religion
Put people down for their own decisions
Never made up your opinion
Tryhard with no ambition

Self hate, imitate and rearrange yourself
Compensate, charade until you're someone else

Your inferiority complex
Never got you much respect
Prey on innocence and weakness
Easily influenced and spineless

Your fragile masculinity, internet misanthropy fake lack of empathy can stay the fuck away from me

Who the fuck are you trying to fool your attitudes an act we all see right through
Tryhards always got something to prove
Fucking spineless coward, I will never be like you
Track Name: Castrate Rapists
I hope your mother is struck with cancer
And your fathers heart fucking fails
I hope your friends all find creative ways to die
And you spend life by yourself

You take advantage
Of the weak and intoxicated
Thinking with your dick now it's getting amputated
I've picked up all her pieces and put them back together they cut up all my fingers the scars will last forever

No more standing silent
No more shallow lies
Castrate rapists
Save a fucking life

You ever think your kid might end up
Like the ones your age you take advantage of
How will it feel when the victims on your side?
How will it feel when someone ruins your life?

I know that you'll rot in hell
But wanting you isn't just for myself
This is for everything she holds inside
I won't let you ruin her life

You will be abandoned
Smell the flesh as it peels from your burning carcass
Dead weight like I always knew you
Your spine will sink to the floor feel the flames inside you
Nail him high before his wretched home
Everyone you know will celebrate as your world is engulfed
Track Name: Unloveable
Never thought it was possible
To meet someone so unlovable
Abandoned at birth
shows what your worth
Your parents should've left you as a stain on a shirt

5 decade old fuck spends his days
Trying to date rape girls that are half his age
Searching for the care your parents never gave
Nothing will change, you will live and die unlovable

All those years spent alone knowing you belong to no one
All this time spent in your mind, just busy waiting to die
We're all waiting for the end of your life

But No one will ever love you as much as you hate yourself, no one will ever take you

You'll live and die unlovable

All those years spent alone knowing you belong to no one
All this time spent in your mind, just busy waiting to die

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