by Diverter

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CHG 259 - Physical Coming Soon!!
It's not often you find musicians hailing from the bleakest, darkest corners of the USA, coming together to create musical works of art, without any in person interaction. This is the impressive feat you will find from two-piece Deathcore/Metalcore act Diverter, with members from Alaska and Wyoming. The presence of odd, anxious, and depressive metalcore is prevalent in this debut EP release of 7 tracks. Stomp it out in the bleak cold of winter to the desolate groove brought forth in this effort of nearly 30 minutes of material.
Deathcore/Metalcore from Alaska/Wyoming
FFO: Bodysnatcher, Edorra, Filth, Alpha Virus
Rollin Ritter - Vocals and Lyrics
Skylar Wanke - Instrumentals
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DiverterOfficial
Bandcamp: www.diverter.bandcamp.com
YouTube: www.tiny.cc/Diverter-YT
Website: www.chugcore.net
Online Store: chugstore.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChugcoreINT
Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/chugcorepromotions/videos
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Twitter: twitter.com/chugcoreint
Instagram: www.instagram.com/chugcorepromotions/
Chugcore Community: www.facebook.com/groups/chugcore


released October 31, 2019

Mixed/Mastered/Produced by Davide Aroldi of HVZE

Artwork by Billy Collier of Nightmare Designs

Logo by Fany Sejati

Printed & Distributed by Chugcore Records


all rights reserved




We stayed true to Deathcore we stayed true to you. Chugcore is one of the leading heavy music promoters specializing in Deathcore, Down-Tempo, Hardcore, Beatdown, Groove and Slam. Bringing you bi-monthly compilation albums as well as exclusive releases from top artists in the industry. ... more

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Track Name: A Sudden Decline
This feeling consumes me
It infects my inner core
And I'm rotting from the inside out

You are watching me deteriorate before your eyes
There is nothing I can do to save me from this never ending insanity
Will this ever end?

Everything that I loved is dead
I just need to put a bullet in my head

Everything you believe
I can't control myself, I can't break free

I just need to get a grasp on this reality
I'd give anything to not become victim of this mindless suffering
Mindless suffering!

They say a sick mind is incompetent of feeling anything at all
I just want to die alone
I just want to die alone

Is there anybody out there
That could save me from this
Hell I've made
Hell I've made

Is there a reason for me anymore?
Fuck all the haters, you don't need 'em no more
I'll take my life back, and set myself free
Oh god, I was my own worst enemy
My own worst enemy!
Track Name: L.O.S.T.
I come bearing no crown
So keep my name out your mouth
You’ll soon feel the disease
You’ll soon feel the disease!

It fills your soul with a certain desire
You just need to let go and let it acquire

Oh, God, I feel it
It’s taking over again
It’s building up like a cancer
Forming deep within

Metastasizing like the demons inside my head
I’ll show the world what it’s like to feel DEAD!

This field of despair
That I find my solace in
I dropped my restraints
And the demons are finally on their way in

I come bearing no crown
So keep my name out your mouth
You’ll soon feel the disease
You’ll soon feel the disease.

It fills my soul with a certain desire
I let it take my soul and it has acquired me
I can’t live like this for much longer
It’s getting harder for me to breathe

Waking up feels like a burden I don’t want to bear
But I’ll see this 'till the bitter fucking end
'Till the bitter fucking end
'Till the bitter fucking end

I keep telling myself that it’s not the end
Can I really give up this easily?
I can’t give into this deep despair
That I’ve come to know too easily

Can I save me
From myself?
Can I save me!?
Can I save me?!

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