The Dark Shore EP

by The PIT

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The Pit Debut EP Premiere
from Smolensk, Russia
Artem Letaev - Vocals
Vladimir Butakov - Guitar
Evgeny Sorokin - Guitar
Kirill Miroshnichenko - Bass
The PIT:
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Recorded, mixed, mastered by Evgeny Sorokin (The Pit, Guitar)

Artwork, Lyrics by Artem Letaev (The Pit, Vocals)

Logo by Dmitry Rogatnyov Logos

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released May 13, 2015


all rights reserved




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Track Name: The Reaper
Why the fuck I created fucking world?
Plunging into the mud I hate people on the planet earth
Civilization of dispelling dust

Slap in the face
Rejecting fetus thrown into the abyss
Track Name: The Collapse Of The Void
Shuddering sigh universe of sleep
I draw matter into the void
Closing eyes fallen
I'm burying the forbidden fruit of gods
Suffering! Brutally mutilated your body

Scored a cross into the ground to become the fallen
Biting the hand that is etched throat infinite emptiness
In the fucking smoke the body want to die
In the fucking smoke dead carcass continue to breathe

I live the grave for those who want to sleep
I inspire slavish obedience! Bitch!
create and destroy
I can hear the groans of the collapse of the fucking kingdom

I'm taking and burying your utopia

The destruction of the fetus is to fucking reapers world
Where is your god? Bitch! Where is your fucking creator?
Track Name: The Dark Shore
Lump of dirt driven into the throat
Development of the individual fixated on self-destruction
Shadow chokes ashes in the name of madness
We see condemnation epileptic seizure

Pray bitch! pray to their gods!
Poisoning body grow through the ground

Pray bitch! pray to their gods!
Melting the mind and forcing the orbit we are living in the sphere of suicidal

Pushing a ray of light we plunge into the darkness of the sun
Performing a ritual sacrifice mourn hierarchical garden

Your greed, your stupidity is a global cataclysm
Completed the process of immersion in the mud

I am the beginning of depletion of the heavens and the fragmentation of human remains in the womb of fucking machines

Pray bitch!
Track Name: The Damned
Breaking monument fucking idols I resurrect the remainder of lost sanity
Absorbing ether I go back to cold hands cursed my world

Look at the cross! it's pay for your mistake!
Look at your son's shrouded in darkness

Look at the cross! it's a symbol of transformation in the dirt!

My world is cold and destruction
Denial of obedience and your stupid fucking dictatorship

Look into my eyes! they are the gateway to hell
See your poison on their abandoned piece of shit

Melting of human skin in furnaces
Rape of the mind of the human scraps
Planet of the ashes of animal flesh
Fruit of the mud and hatred grows in our bodies

In wrist hammered fragment of fucking lie
Look at the cross! it's a symbol of transformation in the dirt!

Look into my eyes bitch
Look into my soul
I'm your cold, I am your darkness
Track Name: The Cramp
Poisoned howl closed in the arms of darkness
Slow breath of the fallen body of the people
Beaten, crucified dropped into the abyss

All sick congenital plague
Refraction of life in the fucking womb
Negation of life cursing the creator

I choose a coffin
Take underground your life
Rise of the fallen has begun
The body takes a cramp

Eat yourself fucking gods

Face follows the blood from the throat the fetus
The last bastion of humanity - death

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