Unholy Summoning

by Nønviable

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No God nor human can stop it... pervasive, virulent evil - all beings are powerless to the bloodshed. This is what can be felt intensely in the debut 9 track full length album, 'Unholy Summoning'. The album tells the conceptual story of an evil, unholy being being summoned to conquer and decimate the Earth... Instrumentally, Nønviable enlists numerous writers without a direct instrumental member. For this release all the instrumentals were written by Brendan Murphy (Alpha Virus, Still_Bloom). The non-stop Downtempo groove and appeal set forth combined with the Guttural stylistic brutality added by Josh, make for an intensive combo.
Down-Tempo from San Diego, CA
FFO: Continent, KING, Purge, Destitute
Josh Pace - Vocals & Lyrics
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released January 31, 2020

All Lyrics/Vocals by Josh Pace
Instrumentals by Brendan Cole

Mixed & Mastered by Simone Pietroforte at Divergent Studios

Artwork by Tristan Phelps

Printed & Distributed by Chugcore Records


all rights reserved




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Track Name: Purulent Evil
I dwell in the darkest realm
All who speak my name shall fall
Marked with evil in my heart
Humanity shall weep and bleed

I've never known love
Doomed to, bear my mark
I will infect the human race

Every being, under my
Purulent, vile, fucking, evil
Track Name: Scum of the Earth (ft. Rollin Ritter of Diverter)
Filthy fucking parasite
Coffin to coffin,
A fucking infestation

I have been called
To annihilate all lower men
Pray in the dirt
To the god that abandoned you

Fake hope,
Nothing but a lie
Poisoning everything around you
The one you bow to
Nothing but a fraud

A fucking waste of air

Filling my mind with hate

[Rollin Ritter of Diverter]

[I wake up in fear
That you have mislead me
I am removing you from my life

Eden is fucking gone and Hell is on earth
Overflowing with decay and parasitic human waste

Murdering and slaughtering,
The weak among you
Murdering and slaughtering,
The weak among you
I have been sent here to eradicate you from the face, of the earth]

You will not get out alive

I will not stop
My reign of evil
Until all of you
Are, no more
Track Name: Hellhole
You can't claw
Your way out
This fucking time
You're at the end, of your fucking line

No hope for
A nihilist like you
Buried in
The fucking ground
You once walked upon

The demon inside, of, me
Wants me dead
Nobody is, coming to help me
Every breath I take
Is suffocating me

Why was I, born into, hate?
I can't claw
My way out
This fucking time

You've got a grip on me,
That I cannot escape
Drown me in my own filthy fucking misery

Tying the rope
Tighter around my fucking throat
Kicking away
My sanity day by day
Say goodbye
Swing slowly

I am free
From my mind
I bow my
Head in hate
Lying before me
I see

My cold body
In the hole
Of, the, dead
Track Name: Omnicide
I regret
That I have created a
Flawed imperfect race of beings
I will wipe you from the face of
Earth and you will be forgotten

I, have been, decieved
I am not worthy to wear this crown
I have blood on my hands

I regret that I have made you
You are a plague
Upon the earth

I look upon the bloodshed
I regret making you
I will wipe you, away

I can't help
I can't help
Murdering my own
I can't help

I can't, find a way
I can't help
From taking away your life

The blood that I spilled will be the
Fatal flaw that leads to my death
I foresaw that this would happen
But now I lay with the lowest
Track Name: Defiled World
I will eradicate you
I will wipe you away
All of you

I was once like you
A slave to my mind
Praying to a god
That never cared for me

You don't know the truth
I'll open your eyes
You have been decieved
I'll open, your fucking mind

You have become the very evil
That you swore to eradicate
From your planet

Gaze, in the mirror and see
You are not above me
You are not, better than me
I will shove your lies down your throat

All this pent up hate
For people like you
All this pent up anger for you
Spreading your filth to the world

Ire for the very thing
That you so desperately cling to
I will not have mercy
I will bring your reckoning

Your fable is nothing more
Your fable is nothing more
Track Name: Sin
I am in a
Mental rut
Rid me of all

I am rotting inside my mind
I will take your
Burden away
Come closer to me my son
And I will bring

Utter chaos and pestilence
I will not have mercy on you
I will bring an end to your planet
Just as I killed your god

Don't turn away
From the evil in every one of you
You spit hate and never fucking realize the hate you spray

You are in a
Mental hell
That you can't crawl out from
I am in a
Mental rut
Because of you

You pray to a
Deity that
Has no remorse
For creating, evil

You are the infection
That you want to remove
From this planet
Don't turn away
From the evil in every one of you

Fucking spitting hate and disdain for all of
Humanity because of a fucking serpent that never
Decieved anybody
Your god was the one who lied

Pray to an empty book
Fuck the hate you say
You, have, decieved your own mind
Hell, is, already on earth
You, are, the evil you hate
Track Name: Malevolent
Hate, I summon thee
Drain the planet of, all life
Death calls my name
As I rise from the dead

I have, come from your darkest hell
Cower before me
Wiping, the earth away

I am, the end of your savior
Underneath the dirt
No more, brainless followers

I, summon thee
Rob the planet
Of all hope

Run in terror
As I drain humanity
Of all life

You will all
Rot beneath the fire
Of my unending hate

You will all rot
In the fucking ground and I will
Have no pity on you

You all deserve to be
Beaten and dragged down below where I dwell as I torment you

There is nothing but eternal suffering and
Misery because of you and now you will
Pay the price and line up one by one
To be thrown into your fucking grave

Inept creatures begging for death
I have been called upon
To fulfill your hate

Every last, failed species
Wiped clean, from this earth
Your god will know of his fatal failure
To remove evil from this world of

Hang your head in sorrow
For you have failed
Your god lies
Unworthy to challenge me

Hang your head
Faith is dead
Now, your world is mine
Track Name: Upon His Head, The Mark of Death (ft. Patrick Crabtree of XaiX)
Evil rules this world
I have come
To kill and decimate
Your planet

Left to die
Utter nihilism
As I eradicate
You, like I eradicated your feeble god

[Upon my head,
The mark of virulent death
I am the beast, I am fear
I am dread

The dead, walk among you
They will find you
Foretold, to be the end of
All human life

Left to die
Suffer the hate that I mark upon you]

I am the reckoning that you pray upon this horrid world
Vermin murdering and hating
I am the cure for the ill of

I am the
Bearer of death and
God above all of you

The dead walk among you
And hell is full underneath
Cry and crawl for mercy
There will be none given

I am the bearer of
Death and the end of the earth
There is no savior
And there never fucking was
Track Name: Carnage
You have fallen before me
You now lie eight feet below
Defiled and robbed of all life

The earth now rots
In ruin and flame
In hell barely breathing
Beating fucking killing

This is just the beginning
Of your pain
And there will be
No end to the
Endless cycles of death

Born again to be devoured
By my hate
Consumed by, fear, dread and lust for murder
Descending lower into tartarus

Doomed to die
The wicked will never rest
Ripped apart
Thrown further into
The claws of death

Carnage as I conquer your world
Omnicide on a planet-wide scale
Slaughtering both god and man
Defiling all beneath me

The teeth
Of tartarus open
To devour the earth
This is only the start of the

Death and
Suffering and weeping
A realm like no other
Witness the end

Blood soaking the massive heap of humans
Fighting to survive but there is no end

The end brought upon you
Now there will be nothing but hate
Consuming unrelenting hate
The evil embedded in my name
Brought upon, the end

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