[Untitled] EP

by Holehearted

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Holehearted's Debut EP Release
Downtempo/Nu-Metalcore from Las Vegas, NV
FFO: Sworn In, Distinguisher, Zealot, Vilis, Traitors
Logan Wendt - Vocals
Mason Rubio - Guitar
Kasey Maris - Guitar
Jace Nakahara - Bass
Trevor Tressler - Drums
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HoleheartedNV
Website: www.chugcore.net
Online Store: chugstore.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChugcoreINT
Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/chugcorepromotions/videos
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Twitter: twitter.com/chugcoreint
Instagram: www.instagram.com/chugcorepromotions/
Chugcore Community: www.facebook.com/groups/chugcore

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Josh Bearden of Nevermore Audio

Album Art by Benjamin Hoagland

Guest Vocals in 'Cognitive Dissonance' by Joshua Wilson of Distinguisher


released January 3, 2017

CHG 105



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Rust
Found your way in,
Inaugurated your authentic skin,
Not what I was searching for,
Your scaled skin I've grown to adore,
Smother me with your warmth,
I don't need to breathe anymore,
Suffocate me,

My four leafed clover,
Subject to a status of decomposure,
This the end of us,
Morality coated in rust,
Stuck in your head,
Forced opinions in silence instead,
Mind contorted habits so morbid,
Left to assume with inevitable gloom.
Track Name: Franklin
Excitement raises,
You grow to kick, drop, & forget,
Those refusing to praise this,
It called your name,
Self-destruct your way back to shame,

It's in your head,
Awoke you from while you were laying in bed,
There's nothing there,
You think and you stare but you swear and you swear,

How can I stop?
My pride, my joy, I've seem to drop,
How can I stop?
These addictions are all it seems I can adopt,

It's such a mystery,
How you found complete comfort within misery,
The cards that you were dealt,
As a being on this earth you lost yourself,

And I lost you too,
You were too far gone to be rescued,
Give it a try & defy yourself,
Please comply,

Will stealth & secrecy get you help?
Is health infrequency where you want to dwelt?

These voices leaving my head,
Not even the comfort of my own bed,
Escape, this last thought remains,
You turned into something inhumane,

In the dawn of your downfall,
You wouldn't think twice to refrain,
You were resistant,
It lacked significance,
At the instant,
You're lying six feet below in your grave.
Track Name: Cognitive Dissonance (ft. Joshua Wilson of Distinguisher)
Anxiety has a fucking hold on me,
Dig me out of this fucking hold I've made
It's all the same,
This pain in my chest won't go away,

I've lost my fucking nerve,
Ready to give into this black plague,
Spread throughout,
Let me think of ways to cure my,
My self-doubt,
Constant spinning,
This line is thinning,
I have no hope,
No mind of my own,
Constant spinning,
This is just the beginning
I have no heart,
I have no heart,

Bring it back to the start,
Where it all went wrong,
The borders I drew,
Kept me up all night long,
And it's crushing me,

It's crushing me,

You're the one inside my dreams that makes me think I'm not enough to be,
I've given in,
Not enough to be,
Cognitive dissonance.
Track Name: Flora
Standing in front of millions pixels,
A million lights,
Have I lost all track of my mind?
A miserable, terrible waste of time,
Aspiring thoughts to be so blind,

You raised me for so long to bring this to me,
Laugh & chuckle with many signs of deceit,
Never understanding this is what brought your despair,
Forget it, I'm sorry but there's no longer love shared,

A hopeless founded mother,
The pendulous seed,
A problem bounded father,

You brought this to me,
You brought this to me,
You brought this to us,
Too blind to see you've broken our trust,

Destroy what you built,
Wishing I could take a strong enough pain killer to keep this away,
It'll keep calling your name,
Calling & calling & never giving in,

Keeping you awake at night when all is at rest,
Replace your life & dignity to be one with the machine,

Drain your mind & draining your hours,
Making sure that it will keep you aside,

Little by little, keeping you in line,
Just enough to suck dry,

A play on the mind,
Hooked for eternity,
Gave some cents to lose all sense,

Put the bandage on this gushing wound,
Could your baggage become your disgusting doom?

Don't pour gasoline over the family tree,
You'll light the match & burn all that's here away.
Track Name: T.T.E.
My mind is a slave,
I'm dragging it by a chain,
My empty head has become filled with clouds,
Making me delusional,
Thinking I am one of grandeur,

Ready to sacrifice my mind,
So I can keep this feeling going on forever & ever & ever & ever,
The urge to not be alive,
Is worse than the urge to feel paralyzed,

All of the weight on my shoulders is just the nervousness & anxiety,

My one true weakness,
Forcing me into a coma,
Letting the demon take control,
Removing my name,
Forcing me out of my own brain,
Dissecting me so he can talk like me,
But he isn't me,

Reckless, I started,
Now it's not a fucking game,
I am fighting for my life,
And I'm all to blame,

Please help me,
I'm stuck on this path,
And I can't seem to find the right way back,
I'm an emotionless monster, your worst threat,
This is the end of me,
And I'm not coming back.
Track Name: V
Indecisive mindset,
Felt the need to change your climate,
I did what I could to please you,
You created a disease you had no cure to,
I'm ruined like you were prior,
Left road side with nothing to admire,

Fused into a single entity,
In spite of your youth, indemnity induced,
Swindled your way back to solitary,

Crippled, cracked, and breathing barely,

An accusation of deception,
Self-admiration built by defection,
In the inception, did you once see your reflection?

Exhausted your time in the mirror,
Shocked you couldn't see any clearer,
The quantum of times that this has happened,

My problem in crime,
The contrast absent,
Rotten ways of grime,
Cast away your thoughts, I'll keep mine,
Keep thinking you’re the reactant in line,

I have grown immensely colder,
Empathy prone simply to smolder,

Casting your shadow over my state of grief,
Casting mine, over your, final pity plea,

Come inside, set the spider to the fly,
Pulling the string as I watch your body writhe,
Oh god, why? I mean who?
Who guides this life that I didn't choose?
Which led me to you?
Bitter, abandoned, and used,

My wholehearted contemplation,
Your compensation forcefully taken,
Fixation, your asphyxiation.