I am a broken man
Tired and upset
This phantom of depression bears down on my chest
I don't know where everything went
Please don't fade away
I'm sorry for the way I am
I’m sorry for the way I am
The structure of my integrity is starting to collapse
Every day brings a different agenda
Narcissistic shell of a man
The truth hurts
I'm a fucking liar
But I will not let that define the person that I am
It's been a year since I've looked at myself
And didn't wish it was somebody else
Staring back at me in the mirror
But it's a broken image of a failure
Every word I said to you
Every thing I fucking put you through
Is a tribute to my own despair
It’s a humble reminder of where I almost went
To the bottom of a bottle
Endless cycle of a family curse
Reality ceases to exist
Another day in this nightmare
But I will choose to wake up
I refuse to waste a life once loved
And from all this I have learned
Never turn your back on trust
I am lost
Fucking lost without you


from Life At The Edge Of Chaos, released August 24, 2016


all rights reserved




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